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How far are you from the beach?

How long is the walk from the ferry to the home?

Do you have a minimum booking age requirement?

Do you have a minimum stay requirement?

Can I get groceries in Ocean Bay Park?

Is the beach crowded?

How do I get my things from the ferry to the home?

Can I drive to Windows on the Sea?

What is your cancellation policy?

What are the check-in/checkout times?

How do I make a reservation?

What payment method do you accept?

Is there a security deposit required?

Is smoking allowed at the property?

Are pets allowed?

Is there parking available?

Are there additional fees or taxes?

What is included in the rental?

What happens is something gets damaged or broken?

How can I contact the host during our stay?

What ferry should I take to get to Windows on the Sea?

Questions? We have answers.

We're here to ensure your vacation to our home on Fire Island is magical. Here are some questions that we frequently answer.

2024 | Windows on the Sea